Google Cr-48: One Month

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Google Cr-48
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Its been one month, today, since I first received my Cr-48. So how has the Cr-48 changed my life in the past month? Well, to be honest, I barely use it anymore. It comes with me to work everyday but, due to the limitations of Chrome OS, I find myself almost always going to one of my other machines because I need to do more than the Cr-48 will allow me to do.

The included 3G has been quite helpful. I’ve used it on a few onsite jobs at work that don’t have wireless and its been a big help. Its also a great go-to machine for quickly looking something up or browsing on the go. I used it at the airport while waiting for my brother and his wife to arrive. I used it at the hospital while waiting for my mom to finish an appointment. For these types of situations, the Cr-48 is perfect. But not because of Chrome OS, but because it has an internal 3G modem.

The Cr-48 has its purposes, but, unfortunately, those purposes are still too limited for me to be able to consider the Cr-48 my everyday machine. Whats interesting is I had this same feeling when I originally tried out Google Chrome (internet browser) a few years ago, and now its the only browser I’m comfortable with using. Hopefully, one day, Chrome OS will be perfected enough to be an everyday go-to system.

  1. LUKEOUT says:

    I’m not sure what Google is trying to do with making their own OS. At least for the half-hour or so that I used the Cr-48 it didn’t seem that useful or intuitive. It may be because I’m just so used to doing stuff using Microsoft’s programs.

  2. astrogiblet says:

    I’m not 100% sure either. I mean, to a power user its not something usable.

    For a normal user – which I think about 95% of computer users fall into – its an infection free web browsing environment that allows them to check their email and do basic tasks like word processing and printing. Its also extremely simple and cheap. Simple updates, simple/difficult to break atmosphere, and can be sold (and run decently) on $200 hardware.

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