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Alienware announced new laptops today for US markets via a live Justin.TV broadcast.

M11x Revision 3:
Intel Dual Core Sandy Bridge ULV Processors (Core i3, i5, i7)
Soft Touch Exterior (Black, and Red Colors)
Nvidia GT540m w/ up to 2GB graphics memory
Up to 16gb System Memory
Integrated 4G (WiMAX + Verizon 4G LTE Options)
HDMI 1.4 and USB 3.0
Up to 8 hours battery life
Starts at $999
Weighs ~4.5 pounds

Intel Quad Core Sandy Bridge Processors – Overclockable
Soft Touch Exterior (Black, and Red Colors)
Nvidia GT555m (DX11) up to 3GB Graphics Memory
USB 3 and HDMI 1.4
Up to 8GB System Memory
Optional 1600×900 LED backlit screen
Klipsch Audio
Integrated 4G (WiMAX + Verizon 4G LTE Options)
60GHz WirelessHD
6+ hours battery life
Available today starting at $1199
Weighs ~6.5 pounds

18.4″ Screen
Intel Quad Core i7 Sandy Bridge processors – Overclockable (Also offering Factory Overclocked Intel Turbo Boost to 4GHz)
Anodized Aluminum Case in Red or Black
Nvidia SLI or ATI Crossfire (Up to 4GB DDR5 Graphics Memory)
Up to 32GB System Memory
HDMI Input
Klipsch Audio Speakers
60GHz WirelessHD
USB 3 and HDMI 1.4
5 Programmable Keys on Keyboard (3 modes (each mode has a different color) which makes “15 keys” using 5 physical keys)
Available in May starting at $1999
Weighs ~16 pounds!

-Mini display port offered on all machines
-Overclocking does not void your warranty!
-No 3D option on the M18x (Can do 3D through the HDMI 1.4 port to an external monitor)
-Can also stream 3D through the 60GHz WirelessHD
-All laptops have VGA + DisplayPort + HDMI 1.4
-All laptops also come with Klipsch Speakers. M14x comes with mini subwoofer in it
-M17x and M18x come with HDMI input so you can use built in speakers and display for consoles
-HDMI input is HDCP compliant. Windows doesn’t recognize the input feed coming in so you cannot record. Its just a “dumb display and a dumb set of speakers” taking input
-Graphics switching (Shutting off external video card for battery life) is supported on M18x
-Up to 3 hours battery life on M18x with switchable graphics

These specs may or may not be complete (May even be an error or two!). Was typing it out quickly as the speaker talked today and answered questions!


So, this morning I woke up to 69 unread emails in my inbox. Normally, I wake up to 3-5 emails. Most of those 69 unread emails were from a “Google Chrome Notebook Pilot Users” Google Group that I was not aware I belonged to. Many of the emails were other people asking why they, too, were receiving these emails?

Tonight, Google sent out an official email on the situation:

Earlier this morning, you may have received a large number of emails from regarding the Chrome notebook Pilot program user forum. We apologize for this inconvenience, and you will not receive any more messages from this address. Instructions for deleting these messages are at the end of this email.

What happened? We planned to launch our Chrome Notebook Pilot forum next week to all users who had been selected for the Pilot program. Last night, around midnight Pacific time, a user discovered this forum and posted a message. Unfortunately, we had misconfigured this forum to email every post to every member. Thus, the first post started an avalanche of responses. Some messages were unsubscribe requests, others were thoughtful comments or questions, but all of them were emailed to every user. We have since deleted this group.

We’ve created a brand new user forum, which you can sign up for here:!forum/chrome-notebook-pilot

Rest assured: you will not be added to this forum unless you sign up using the link above.

The goal of the forum is to provide a centralized place for Pilot users to share their Chrome notebook experiences and tips. In addition, with a centralized forum, our team can more effectively respond to your questions and feedback.

If you are receiving this email and have not yet received a Cr-48, you should be hearing from us soon. Again, our apologies for the flood of emails, and we hope you will join us at the new forum.

Chrome Notebook Team

Oh, Google, of all companies you should know that if you leave something out in the open someone WILL find it! At least it makes for some entertainment.

Its been one month, today, since I first received my Cr-48. So how has the Cr-48 changed my life in the past month? Well, to be honest, I barely use it anymore. It comes with me to work everyday but, due to the limitations of Chrome OS, I find myself almost always going to one of my other machines because I need to do more than the Cr-48 will allow me to do.

The included 3G has been quite helpful. I’ve used it on a few onsite jobs at work that don’t have wireless and its been a big help. Its also a great go-to machine for quickly looking something up or browsing on the go. I used it at the airport while waiting for my brother and his wife to arrive. I used it at the hospital while waiting for my mom to finish an appointment. For these types of situations, the Cr-48 is perfect. But not because of Chrome OS, but because it has an internal 3G modem.

The Cr-48 has its purposes, but, unfortunately, those purposes are still too limited for me to be able to consider the Cr-48 my everyday machine. Whats interesting is I had this same feeling when I originally tried out Google Chrome (internet browser) a few years ago, and now its the only browser I’m comfortable with using. Hopefully, one day, Chrome OS will be perfected enough to be an everyday go-to system.